Stressed Out?

The other day, I was looking through Quora and spotted this one this question, “I’ve been failing IIT for the past three years. Should I die?” The user had posted some background information on his wasted years-He’d been facing depression, anxiety and procrastinating, not submitting his assignments on time and as a result, performing poorly. He felt that he’d let his parents down and had failed his life entirely, with no purpose left. This kind of a situation wasn’t new to hear of-I’d read most of Chetan Bhagat’s books, where he spoke of the rigid structure of IITs and IIMs, and the issues their students faced. In fact, college life be itself was such a vital part of Indian writing, especially the vigour it demanded from students.
The papers frequently had news of ragging, exam stress and consequently, suicide. Factually, suicide rates in India and worldwide are highest in the 15-19 age group owing to Job anxiety, higher expectations and pressure to achieve more, with the global economic boom. I haven’t been facing the problem of stress or pressure in school, especially since I’m in an international environment leaning towards the UWC(United World colleges) circuit. I study and live in a pretty closed environment, with a calm and well-maintained residential life. We also have a rather strong support system and counselling to ensure that our life is the best it can be. However, tonnes of students my age don’t have this privilege. Once an student enters tenth grade, the exams, assignments and projects just weigh him or her down. Their work and student life is just rushed from there-after passing exams, work just comes pouring for each of them. How do students deal with all this work? How do they clear up all this stress?
The biggest cause for stress and suicidal thoughts with work is not doing what you want to do. Tonnes of students choose a course because it’ll get them a good job or their parents want them to, but if an internal drive or passion for something isn’t there, it’s really hard to excel in it. I once remember having a guest speaker at school, who was a Chennai student and had gotten into Harvard for his graduate course. He emphasised a lot on the fact of doing something in life which was truly something you enjoyed or were interested in. Another guest speaker had said that finding yourself a job is the combination of your what you liked, are good at and earns you money. Nowadays, even local universities counsel students and their parents to ensure that their selected course is something of interest to them. This isn’t just for students, as people world over take up jobs, responsibilities, subjects and courses because others want them to. When the world has possibly every single convenience for a regular human being, why would a person want to miss the opportunity to do what they wish? Of course, it’s important to listen to your parents, friends or relatives while deciding where or what to study or get a job, but remember that it’s your choice in the end which has an impact on the life you want to live. A positive recommendation is fine; but no website, parent, friend or blogger could make a life-decision for you.

2 thoughts on “Stressed Out?

  1. Don’t even get me started, Abha. In FIITJEE, the Kendriya Vidyalaya folks have to go for 6 hours of tuition a day, plus school, and cope with FIITJEE’s work as well. So most people actually DON’T cope with FIITJEE. But to be honest, it’s not actually that big a deal for Indian students, because it’s not like we’re studying for Gaiko. Now Chinese students…they’re something else. I really admire and take inspiration from Chinese students for their focus and sincerity. I’m taking Further Linear Algebra for my second year Bsc., so when I bought a second hand essential reading text (first hands are WAY too expensive), I looked through it and saw all sorts of english scribbles, in every page, like the person had completely and utterly studied every line, every problem in the book. And even after that, the person had had heart to give it away for second hand sale, showing no sentiment. At once I could tell that the person was Chinese – and I found out I was right by identifying some chinese (or possibly japanese) like notes written in places.

    Anyways, amazing work with influentialism101, dear! You’re doing amazing, and you’re practically a professional blogger. If you have the time, check out the fashion blogs, especially Zoe Suen’s, which had me emerald with envy. ISAK is seriously making you international. Good luck with life!

    (P.S. if you want another topic for your blog – not that you need inspiration – check out the film Lakshmi on google, and the sad reality that it was not valued much despite its moral worth).


    1. Yeah, I can imagine with all the studies and stuff you Fitjee guys deal with! The IB is a piece of cake so far until November because we’ve got a few assignments and lots of discussion. But I’m pretty sure I’ll manage, for now at least.
      Oh, and I don’t update influentialism101 any more because it takes to0 much effort writing about stuff, so here’s my new blog-
      This is truly me!

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