The Presence Of Music

When I studied in ninth grade in India, school usually ended at around 2:30pm, but lots of us stayed back until around 3:30pm for after school activities, studying or taking extra help from teachers. I’d have such activities too, but on Wednesday afternoons, I’d stay back and practice drawing and sketching. I’d remember taking reference from those photographs, being the only one in that room except my art teacher and her assistant, and sketching away, with music playing. The best part was the music-it mobilised me, turning me on and it’s beat was so alive. My life had a theme to it, and just gave me that internal satisfaction I’d been looking for the entire day.

Music wasn’t invented or discovered-it was always there, just progressing through different levels. Since man began chugging pots and pans, discovered or created certain instruments, and found the right implications of his voice, he collaborated with other instruments, begin picking up notes and tunes, and with the formation of schools and education systems, music became just a regular subject like maths, science or geography. One thing that makes music different is the number of implications it has-a student could learn about cultural or historical understanding of music in their own country, or it could supplement their creativity skills with learning a new instrument or creating a song. Just listening a song could increase concentration by itself-when I study or do something manual, like cooking, drawing or writing, listening to music makes it faster and so much better. Irrespective of how terrible my day has been, I start loving my surrounding. On a larger scale, the lyrics, with the rhythm of the song, can just draw together a person’s feelings in a few minutes. This could also go the reverse way and have a negative affect-if someone listens to a dark or negative song, they tend to self-dwell and could be more inclined to depression.

The best part is the invention of enormous online databases like youtube through which anyone can create their lyrics and their songs, upload it and spread a feeling of “worldwide empathy” over an issue or feeling. Some videos or recordings have such strong impression in the story or very theme of the song, that they turn viral. Take the Harlem shake which everyone knows of, or PSY’s Gangam style which nearly everyone sings to although they don’t know the lyrics. The video and tune is so catchy that the song randomly hit a few million views. Vloggers, who reach out to the world through video television or youtube establish channels or pages which can be informative, entertaining or educational. Such free exchange and collaboration of ideas has helped, and entertained millions of us, on a larger scale, a channel or story we connect could establish our link to the world.


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